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Renowned Penang bridal house and Photographic Studio Kuang Yee is one of the most established and sought after brands in bridal collection and studio photography in Malaysia, and definitely the leader in its industry for the Northern Peninsular region. Established since 1965, for decades Kuang Yee has brought joy and good memories to all out there who have been touched by the superior service and trusted advises, hence it has undisputedly become the household name when it comes to premium bridal consultations and photography techniques. Committed to high end Digital Bridal Photography, family, babies and individual studio portraits, Kuang Yee stresses on the natural approach to bring out the true beauty in you. For over 50 years, the brand has proven itself to bring not only unbelievable skills, astounding effects superior quality, but also that extra thing which you couldn’t find in anywhere else – total satisfaction. At Kuang Yee, you simply enjoy the best in the world of photography.

See us in the past

Year 1965

Mr Chen Kim Hang and Madam Lee Siew Lean have opened the first photo shop in Nibong Tebal named ‘Kuang Yee’. The name was derived from a legendary film production company in Hong Kong which Mr. Chen adored, which literally meant the “art of light”.

Year 1985

With his entrepreneurial spirit burning sky high, Mr. Chen boldly took Kuang Yee’s expansion into its second branch in 1985. He was joined by his eldest daughter Ms. Chen Bee Kheng followed by his eldest son Boon Hock. Under the shrewd guidance of these new blood, fresh ideas and new technologies were introduced, hence creating waves of new trend in the photography industry.

Year 1992

Kuang Yee has opened the first bridal house to cater the demand of wedding photography market. The bridal house is located in Nibong Tebal, Penang.

Year 1997

The advancement in technology has compelled the company to adept to changes, and in the year 1997 Mr. Chen bravely made a heavy investment in a professional digital imaging printer, the first of its kind in Malaysia, and the second machine sold in the Asia Pacific Region. This proved to be a kick-start to Kuang Yee’s rapid expansion, and the catalyst behind the establishment of the well-known Kuang Yee Digital Press ultimately.

Year 2009

Kuang Yee Bridal Collections or KYBC had once again led the entire Malaysia Bridal Era of Korean Style Wedding Photography. Indoor Studio in Penang are fully renovate under Korean Theme. All Make-up Artist are training under Korean Style Make-Up & Hair-Do. Photographer are also doing ex-change training with Korea Chief Photogrpher to enhance their skill in Korean Style Photography.

Year 2010

KYBC invest and build the one and only U-Studio for Korean Style Bridal Photography in a class by oneself. This unique U-Studio had an area of 20,000 square feet & height of eight meters are located Nibong Tebal, Penang. The spacious area inside the U-Studio can allow 8-10 couples for Photo Shooting simultaneously. U-Studio took about a year for total completion. The whole construction concept had included various countries scenery coverage of 50 Modern & Traditional theme. The couple can incorporated foreign scenery even they stay locally. This unique U-Studio plus Korean thme shooting leave the most memorable moments and images for newly-wed.

Year 2011

Putree, a Malay Wedding Studio started by Kuang Yee was established in year 2011. We are one of the first non-malay wedding studio to venture into the malay wedding market. Our latest expansion is to plan wedding hall to cater for their wedding banquet in Batu Maung, Penang.

Year 2015

Our new 50,000 square ft production premise with built up of 36,000 square ft in Nibong Tebal is now completed. We are waiting for local authorities occupational certificate approval and shall be moving in very soon. With this spacious facility, we will be able to expand and diversify into new products and also assure our customers qualify and on time delivery.

Year 2016

KYBC "Seoul Experience Studio" A newly Photo Studio which enhanced from previous Studio. New design theme and compact design of the studio structure to ensure comfort environment for customer during Photoshoot session. The second half of the year 2016 KYBC collaborate with Vangohh Seafarer to provide Luxury Private Cruising plus Pre Wedding Photography experience on the sea.

Year 2017

KYBC launched New series of theme "Artistic Blossom" A newly photo Studio theme. The second half of the year 2017 KYBC plan to launch "Seoul Experience Studio 2" a new level of photography experience which enhanced new design theme and studio structure to enhance portablility of shooting environment for customer during photoshoot session.